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Bio certified farm, Sole Valley, Trentino.

Olga Casanova’s bio certified farm is located in Trentino, in the Val di Sole, among the Tonale Pass, Pejo and Madonna di Campiglio, deep inside the incomparable Stelvio National Park.

The farm was born with the aim of appraising the territory, the agriculture and the tourism in the Val di Sole and of providing wellness through its natural and biological products and cosmetics, that have a high quality guarantee.

Farm activities:

  • Propagation and sales of edelweiss and alpine medicinal plants
  • Alpine herbs plantation for cosmetic and herbal use
  • Educational tours in our alpine botanic garden
  • The peculiarity of our cosmetic products made with the cultivated plants and the certified quality allowed us to become an excellence in the sector of biological and natural cosmetics. In particular, the edelweiss is well known for its antioxidant properties; the flavonoids it contains fight the free radicals and help to keep the skin healthy. Moreover we commercialize products with arnica, thymus, calendula, rose hip...
  • Our products are cultivated with the organic agriculture method: we plant our herbs and pick up the flowers directly from our fields, fully respecting the environment in order to obtain high quality natural products.
  • Our farm attends many regional, National and European markets and fairs.

The legend:

"To the Fazzon edelweiss - Lago dei Caprioli (Roe Deer Lake)"
In the St. Lawrence night, when you see a shooting star, according to tradition you should make a wish... A lot of time ago the mountains were observing the shooting stars (...). So they asked to the holy God: "Why don’t you give us some shooting stars, too? The sea is already well populated!". The holy God answered: "You’ve got a lot of wealth, too: woods rich of animals, lush pastures, creeks, lakes and streams...". The mountains answered: "But we’ve got the bare rocks, silent and lonely places, without life. We are not demanding much, let some shooting stars fall also where there isn’t anything but snow". The holy God agreed and during the St. Lawrence night of the following year the mountains were shining bright with the stars fallen from the sky; on their tops the snow white edelweisses had bloomed. »

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