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Plant Nurseries

Olga Casanova’s farm is made of two buildings:

A plant nursery where the plants are grown for decorative use, situated in Pellizzano near the the Lago dei Caprioli,  at an altitude between 1200 and 1500 metres, in which the flowers are cultivated: edelweisses, different species of semper vivum, perennial flower plants...
This plant nursery allows us to produce thousands of specimens of semper vivum edelweisses, sedum and gentians, also because this is the only farm that can commercialize bloomed edelweiss plants from April to November, thanks to the selection made in the plant nursery.
The plant cultivation is carried out fully respecting the environment and no plant protection products are used.


  • edelweiss
  • semper vivum
  • sedum
  • perennial flower plants

On the other hand the plant nursery of Peio in Mezzoli, deep inside the Stelvio National Park in Trentino, is an area dedicated to cultivation and where the farm seat is located.
The farm has started a new activity of medicinal plants growing in the meadow cultivated soils: edelweiss, mountain arnica, mountain cranberry, alpine blue sow thistle, elderberry, aronia, rose hip, rhubarb, gentian, mint, lemon balm, thymus, cornflower, beebalm, calendula, alchemilla, rue, mallow, currant, etc...
At the moment we are also testing the cultivation of: musk yarrow, aruncus dioicus, silene vulgaris, lonicera kamtschatica, sallow-thorn berry, goji berry and other medicinal plants.
In this area there is also a greenhouse for the production of Bio plants, where we stock the plants and where you can find a laboratory, in which plants are propagated through the biological agriculture method.


  • cranberry
  • alpine blue sow thistle
  • arnica
  • thymus
  • calendula
  • mint
  • p. mix
  • edelweiss

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