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Natural and biological products

The care about particulars and the boxes printed with natural colors and without any glue, make these products unique pieces and the foresaid details, together with quality, allowed the farm to represent Trentino and the Sole Valley in the main fairs dedicated to regional excellences. 

In particular, the edelweiss is well known for its antioxidant properties; the flavonoids it contains fight the free radicals and help to keep the skin healthy. Moreover we commercialize products with arnica, thymus, calendula, rose hip...

Recent studies conducted for the Department of Biology and Evolution at the University of Ferrara proved that the extract obtained from our edelweiss plants contains 6 times more flavonoid agents than other products that you can find on the market.  

These results award the work made in the last three years, in which we have been carrying out  varietal tests both on cosmetic edelweisses you can find on the market and the species we select and produce. Moreover, our biological cultivation methods (of course biological), the particular care of the collection phase and the innovative extraction process developed by Agripharma, i.e. the laboratory where our products are processed, guarantee the quality and the uniqueness of the final product.

Studies and research:

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