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Botanical Garden

The botanical garden, i.e. the "Mezoi" garden

The alpine botanical garden of our farm in Val di Sole displays many medicinal plants and much more: lemon balm, cornflower, mallow, yarrow, currant, alpine blue sow thistle, mountain asparagus, all plants that are used for the production of multivitamin herbal teas.

Our botanical garden in Val di Sole is open to the public and it’s a place where you can walk among the autochthonous plants which belong to this geographical area. During our guided tours you will be able to discover the properties and the secrets of the mountain plants: walking through an easy route you will find hundreds of species, mostly autochthonous or in any case originating from mountain areas, carefully labeled with accurate description and accompanied by illustrative tables.

Along the botanical route you will also find benches and tables where you can have a break, in this way your visit can become more pleasant.

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